The stars discussed in gossip columns and the benefit of Propecia

There's something of an irony when film stars start complaining their privacy has been invaded. The earning power commanded by these people depends on them being in the public eye. Whether they are Hollywood or television stars, or just generally famous because they have too much money, they only make more money if people are talking about them and spending money while doing so. Watching them get all upset and suing people who take photographs of them or write stories about them that aren't strictly true is just another way of keep their names in the headlines. Take someone like Bradley Cooper as an example. He's one of these actors who has managed to hit the big time and is doing his best to make it last for a few more years. Of course we all know him from The Hangover, the remake of The A-Team, and so on. But all actors have to start out somewhere before they get to the point People magazine names them "Sexiest Man Alive"!

For Bradley, one of the early questions raised was as to his sexuality. In Wet Hot American Summer, he has a gay sex scene with Michael Ian Black. Naturally, all young actors take the roles offered to them. If those roles are challenging and they do well, they go on to better things. But now we can look back, the gossipers can speculate on whether he's actually gay. It wouldn't be the first time the straight world had thought a gay man sexy. Anyway, it seems our 37-year old hunk has broken off his torrid affair with Zoe Saldana and has most recently been seen about town with Scarlett Johansson. There's no better way to combat rumors about your sexuality than to date A-list women. However, the latest gossip has switched attention from down there to up there.

Apparently our star is on the set filming The Hangover III and has paid a special stylist to stay by his side. What is this expert to do? Why has she been asked to sign a confidentiality agreement? Well, do tell - and spare no details! Of course the answer suggested is our star is worried he's losing his hair. He's afraid he will lose that sexiest man alive appeal and the accompanying pay checks for starring in Hollywood movies. So this stylist is applying the "cutting-edge" hairdresser techniques of forward combing to hide the receding hairline. Naturally our star is outraged at this attack on his virility. The film studio has rushed out evidence that there's no special stylist on the set. The counter accusation is the gossipers have been inventing stories again to sell their worthless magazines. It all makes for lots more publicity for our shy star who, on the sly, could be taking Propecia. That is, after all, the advantage of Propecia. No one need know you have a hair problem. What you keep in your bathroom cabinet is an easy secret to guard.

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