Gorgeous Celebrity Tattoos 2011

The new wave of gorgeous celebrity tattoos 2011 is here. Check out the hottest designs you can draw some inspiration from. Decorate your body with meaningful and artsy accessories as the ones below.

In many cases, the idea of having a tattoo is inspired by an important event in our life. Celebrities act the same way, therefore, some of their 'jewelries' can reveal so much more than we would think about their personality and lifestyle.

These gorgeous celebrity tattoos 2011 will offer you the chance to flip through a wide array of visionary designs and messages worth considering and copycatting if you long for a fascinating accessory. Learn more about your options and let your fave music or Hollywood idols inspire you. Pick out the tattoo idea that mesmerized you and use these chic examples to complete your makeover project.

Rihanna Star Tattoo

Rihanna, as one of the beauty icons of the moment, inspired millions to decorate their skin with lovely tattoos. The trail of stars flowing down her back is probably the most impressive body art design she wears. Though it was created in a series of sessions, it is complete and succeeded in becoming one of the most sought-after celeb tattoos in the world. The size as well as the shape of the stars differ in order to keep the complete image versatile and intriguing. If you're ready to crown your look with a flirty star tattoo, check out this beautiful and bold blueprint of an on trend body art design. 

Kelly Osbourne Letter Tattoo

Kelly Osbourne took a brief break from her wild days and decided to have a beautiful tattoo dedicated to her mother. The angel wings offer the perfect frame for the message written in French. The design says, “Je Vous Aime la Maman” meaning, “I Love you Mom”. Sharon must have loved this gorgeous tribute to their special relationship. If you're fond of these romantic and sensual messages, why not decorate your skin with a unique letter tattoo envisioned by yourself. 

Demi Lovato Wrist Tattoo

Demi Lovato, struggling with an extremely difficult period in her life, found refuge in the world of tattoos. Her accessories placed on the wrists say “stay”(left) and “strong” (right). This is actually one of the most inspiring messages she decided to send to her fans. Demi is ready to move on and positioned these stylish body art designs on a visible spot to cheer herself up. 

Leona Lewis Letter Tattoo

Leona Lewis is one of the most admirable songbirds who managed to rise above the crowd with her unearthly beauty. Leona decided to crown her sylph-like appearance with a fabulous and delicate tattoo. The letter tattoo runs down her spine saying, “Their beauty captures every eye, a gift from God for all mankind, they lend us wings so we may fly, to ride a horse is to ride the sky,”. In fact the young diva wanted to pay tribute to the beauty of horses as her favorite animals.

Lady Gaga Floral Tattoo

Those who are ardent fans of girly designs will find Lady Gaga's rose tattoo a thrill. The romantic symbolism of this flower meets Rock glam in the overall appearance of Lady Gaga. Those who wish to stick to classy and uber-popular body art will have the privilege to choose from a multitude of floral patterns. Pick your favorite flower and define both the size and color of your next body art. Flip through the multitude of galleries to make sure you know your options.

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