How To Get The Cat Eyes


From catwalk to celebrities, from Taylor Swift to Angelina Jolie, they all wear and love the cat eye makeup. It’s super easy to do and the result is super glam and chic.

The cat eye makeup can be done two ways: you can opt for lighter one for daytime and transform it to a more intense one for night.

Here is how to make a super sexy cat eye makeup.

Step 1: Choose your liner.

To have a successful result you need to have to use a good liner that will easily glide over your lashline. The most common eyeliners for cat eyes are the liquid ones but the creamy pencils are good as well. If you think you are really steady on your hands you can even try an angled brush and a pot of cream liner.

Step 2: Pick a shape.

The most common way to do it is by following the natural curve of your eyes, but if you have downturned eyes you will need to fake it a little. So instead of following the curve of the top lid, imagine how the bottom lid would extend upwards and draw that line.

If you are going for a daytime eye cat makeup all you need is a thin shape and job done. But if you want a night eye cat makeup just extend the line and make it thicker. You can also add liner underneath your eye and some color or shimmery shadow on top of everything.


Step 3: Start lining.

For an easy way you can start with the brush or pencil resting on your lashes in the inner corner of the eye. Gently drag it across, letting the line become slightly thicker as you go, until you get to the end of your lashes. Then stop.

Then, start the tail in the opposite direction, with the tip of the brush facing your temple, and draw until you connect the two lines. Either leave the cat eye thin and pointy or thicken it up by adding more layers of liner to the shape.


Step 4: Make it even

If you are a beginner, don’t get scared if you make any mistakes. It happens to the best of us! In case of mistakes, use a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover to get rid of any stray marks or feathering.

Step 5: Add a touch of fake lashes.

If you want a more dramatic effect and a few coats of black mascara doesn’t do the trick try some false lashes. Apply them along your lashline from the inside out, but separate them from your real lashes at the outer corners.

Now that you’ve managed to do you cat eye makeup enjoy the rest of your fabulous day.


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